Dolphin Innovation and Acceleration Center

Today, the majority of knowledge-based businesses are formed within the framework of universities and higher education centers, with the presence of students, professors, and graduates. One of the very important factors for the success of knowledge-based companies and startups is the level of familiarity of these units with important areas of entrepreneurship, economic concepts, digital marketing, business launch and development, negotiation and partnership principles, and cultivation of craftsmanship. Therefore, in addition to employing innovation and creativity in specialized fields, the familiarity of knowledge-based companies and startups with the mentioned areas is of special importance. In this regard, the Delphin Innovation and Acceleration Center has presented its main missions as follows:

  1. Supporting entrepreneurial opportunities and ideas at the Sharif University of Technology International Campus in Kish by creating a deployment space for startups, holding general and specialized courses, and facilitating connection to the innovation and acceleration ecosystem in the country.
  2. Encouraging and promoting private companies with creative ideas to develop innovative products through providing consulting, specialized, and material and moral support services.
  3. Creating an innovative environment by attracting and supporting university and non-university entrepreneurs to focus on scientific and technological products and services needed at the national and regional levels and supporting their commercialization.
  4. Enhancing the innovative activities of the Sharif University of Technology International Campus at the regional, national, and international levels.
  5. Accelerating the conversion of ideas into products.
  6. Facilitating the approval and implementation process of innovative plans.
  7. Collaborating in national and international patent registration.
  8. Strengthening the industry's connection with Sharif University of Technology and its International Campus in Kish through branding in innovative topics.
  9. Creating added value for the campus and the university through idea-to-product conversion and knowledge-to-value.
  10. Helping to create prototypes and piloting innovative projects and transforming laboratory samples into... (the rest of the sentence is not provided).