Health Care

The Health Care center aims to provide the following services for the well-being of professors, students, and staff of the campus:

  • Creating a health file for students upon admission and registration in the campus
  • Providing medical consultations and follow-up of specialized treatments for patients in medical centers by physicians
  • Providing psychiatric counseling services by a specialist psychiatrist
  • Providing health psychology counseling services by a psychology expert
  • Monitoring the health situation of the self-service, buffet, and café of the campus and the health of food and beverages offered in these places
  • Monitoring the health situation of the dormitories and pensions of the campus
  • Controlling the health of water and sanitary resources in administrative, educational facilities, and dormitories
  • Providing emergency medical services during campaigns or sports competitions
  • Holding educational sessions on stress control, academic planning, life skills, and other topics required by students
  • Preparing and distributing educational texts related to physical and mental health among students
  • Holding scientific competitions and awarding prizes to outstanding students on important health occasions such as World Diabetes Day, World AIDS Day, World Health Day, and others
  • Coordinating with health and medical centers to complete student vaccination.
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