Second Health Hackathon Programming Marathon (HackaHealth 2019)

The second Hackathon Health (Hakathon) started on April 28th with the participation of 120 top talents from various fields of health and programming at the Kish International Campus of Sharif University of Technology, and ended on Tuesday, April 30th, after a ceremony of appreciation by the organizers and judges. The young people present at this event, in the form of 20 teams and in groups of 4 to 6 people, examined and presented solutions for 4 challenges in the field of healthcare system including diabetes, respiratory, cardiovascular and cancer diseases


Finally, the teams "Hobeh," "Book Point," and "Pardak" were awarded the first, second, and third places, respectively, and were awarded prizes of 300 million rials for the first team, 200 million rials for the second team, and 100 million rials for the third team in the country's second major and important Health Marathon event.

Additionally, the group "Az Shanbe Ruziim" was also recognized for their outstanding creativity due to the successful relationship and work experience of their members and the "Beheta" team.


The closing ceremony of this important scientific and technological event was held on the afternoon of the ninth of Ordibehesht with the presence of the Minister of Health, the CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization, Dr. Ali Salek Ghaffari, the head of the International Campus of Sharif University of Technology in Kish, the deputy head of the National Elite Foundation, and a group of top professors in the country.